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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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winds not bad northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. won't have too much of a wind chill. we do winter weather advisories off to our northeast, our north and our northwest but our washington region right now, not under any advisories, may or may not get there tonight. we're not expecting that much snow. we see the precip in ohio and kentucky getting into west virginia. a little bit. you've really got to go back toward missouri and illinois before you get the heart of the storm. that will be here tonight with perhaps an inch or so of snow. it is down to 20 in fredericksburg and 30 up north in hagerstown. 6:00 a.m., here's monika. >> we'll get the traffic report the green light, the thumbs up. >> you're good to go with the exception of utility work in bethesda. we've been telling you about that. on the northbound side of wisconsin avenue. and that's blocking the right lane. southboundside, your lanes are open. we'll head out to the beltway. things look good around town. let's zoom into 395 where you're now picking up volume. we'll take a live look from duke street up toward seminary
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road. that's where the slowdown begins. then you've got it at the 14th street bridge. let's go back out to the maps right now. and zoom in to the other side on the beltway. things look good on the beltway. both loops in virginia between the american legion bridge and i-95 in springfield, nothing to worry about this morning. now a look at your travel times. on the southbound side of i-95 in maryland, 216 to the beltway, 295, 7 minutes and 66 in from 7100 to the beltway, it is now 11 minutes. in my next report, we'll take a fly of the gw parkway at 6:12. jessica, andrea? >> thank you, monika. the top of the hour, let's get to some of the stories happening today. the nation will mark 50 years since the inauguration of president john f. kennedy. there will be a tribute at noon and the celebration later at the kennedy center. today, a maryland state commission will decide where to build a new hospital in montgomery county. the choices, montgomery college's campus in germantown or a new site in clarksburg.
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the meeting begins at noon. >> udc hosts secretary of decision arne duncan. a town hall meeting conducted on making college more affordable for americans. >> also today, the president of china will have lunch with business leaders here in washington. >> we're told to expect a major announcement involving food. after that lunch, hu jintao will head off to chicago. >> this follows last night's state dinner at the white house. more than 200 guests were invited. the chinese president was the guest of honor. the menu included rib eye steak, potatoes, creamed spinach and apple pie, an all- american menu. president obama's toast called for strong relations between the u.s. and china. >> to our people. the citizens of the people's republic of china and the united states of america. may they grow together in friendship, may they prosper together in peace and may they realize their dream of the future for themselves, for their children and for their
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grandchildren. >> protestors filled lafayette square yesterday. a few dozen people rallied against what they call human rights viless in tibet. more protests are expected today. as part of the state visit, there is a little panda diplomacy. >> we've learned the national zoo's two pandas will be sticking around a while longer. >> surae chinn has details on today's big announcement. >> reporter: good morning. this is as close as we're going to get to seeing a panda or the posters behind me, because the zoo is closed right now. but the rock stars who live and who are residents here behind the gates will be staying here a little bit longer. the president making that announcement last night. >> under a new agreement, our national zoo will continue to dazzle children and visitors with the beloved giant pandas. [ applause ] >> reporter: five year, $2.5 million extension replaces the
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ten-year agreement that expired last month. nearly a year ago, heartbreak. we all remember this one. the one and only offspring of the pair, tai shan, was sent back to china under the loan agreement the pandas symbolize much more than bringing people to the zoo and research. but it is an international diplomacy maneuver between the two nations and here at the zoo, at about 10:00, the chinese officials and the zoo director will actually put it on paper and make it official here this morning. back to you, jessica. >> now, surae, obviously we're really happy we get to keep our pandas but this wasn't exactly everything that we wanted, correct? >> sure. tian tian and mei xiang, they're about 12, 13 years old. and what the zoo director really wanted was to have one or maybe two new pandas to increase the odds of gaining more offspring, more cubs. in the last ten years, mei xiang and tian tian only produced one cub. that being tai shan. jessica?
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>> thank you, surae. >> first lady michelle obama stopped by howard university wednesday. she encouraged students to study abroad, especially in china. watch kristen fisher's report by visiting the district's news page on while you slept, police in the district began their hunt for a killer. >> there was a deadly shooting just 11 last night in northwest. >> the shooting happened along north capitol street near florida avenue. that's where police found an unidentified man suffering from several gunshot wounds. medics rushed him to the hospital. but he didn't survive. also, while you slept, we checked the conditions of the three young girls hurt in yesterday's house fire in brentwood, maryland. two remain in serious condition. the fire killed their sister, 9-year-old kimberly hernandez. investigators say the fire was accidental. the family had working smoke detectors but the family, all of them didn't wake up in time. you can now openly carry firearms at state parks in virginia. governor bob mcdonnell issued an immediate end to the ban.
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he says the commonwealth's conservation and recreation department doesn't have the authority to enforce such a ban. and today, maryland governor martin o'malley begins the first full day of the second term. the 48-year-old democrat was sworn in yesterday in annapolis along with lieutenant-governor anthony brown. o'malley says the state's budget is his top priority. in times of adversity, such as these, the people of maryland do not make excuses. we make progress. in light of the tough economy, the governor had a small, less formal inaugural gala last night in baltimore. even doctors are calling it nothing short of a miracle. less than two weeks after being shot in the head, congresswoman gabrielle giffords is able to stand on her own. andy rose reports giffords could be leaving a tucson hospital as soon as tomorrow. >> she's got the strength to stand on her own, lift her head up. these are -- i see improvements every single day.
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>> reporter: another milestone in arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords' recovery. her doctors say she stood with some assistance for the first time wednesday. a significant step cnn's dr. sanjay gupta says. >> the reason standing is so important for her specifically is because this injury to the left side of her brain, one of the things they're most concerned about is what is the effect on the motor strength, the power on the right side of her body. the fact that you can bear weight on your right leg shows that she has a significant amount of strength in that leg. that's why that's so significant. >> giffords' support community stretches far beyond earth. her brother-in-law commander scott kelly is aboard the international space station. >> you know, we face a lot of challenges here in the space program. and constant. and the way we deal with those and the way we overcome them is through teamwork. i think it will help us you know, not only get past things like this but you know, see a
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better future. >> gifford's next step, rehab. she'll be moved to the tier memorial hermann rehab facility in houston, texas. it specializes in traumatic brain injuries. i'm andy rose for 9news now. the accused gunman in the shooting is now facing a federal indictment. a federal grand jury indicted jared loughner yesterday on three attempted murder charges. he's already facing state murder charges including the murder of federal judge john roll. at 6:08. i'm watching your money. home warranty or service contracts are supposed to provide service repair replacement on major systems and appliances near your home but a survey by angie's list discovered more than half of the grades given to the companies were ds or fs. now, here are some of the major problems. >> really comes down to consumers not understanding exactly what they're going to get with a home warranty. because they're really depending on it for a safety net and are disappointed with the decisions that are made in regard to their home.
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also, they're not happy with the quality of the contractors that are being sent out to do the repair work on behalf of the warranty company. >> to make home warranties work for you, consider these guidelines. take note of every appliance and system and compare it to your needs so you won't be disappointed. find out what the policy doesn't cover such as big ticket items or preexisting problems. then compare several policies since corg varies significantly from one to the other. oftentimes you buy the home warranties and you think they'll take care of you and cover your roof and sometimes they don't. people are disappointed. >> read the fine print there. >> absolutely. >> our time is 6:09. here is a look at what's still ahead. >> in four minutes, putting an end to bullying ach look at professional services out there to help parents. >> and yes, our traffic really is that bad. 6:30, a new report shows how much time and money we waste in traffic. each year. >> up next, howard has our
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thursday forecast. your weather first is just 90 seconds away.
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we're look at increasing clouds today. temperatures will be up around the 40 degree mark for a high which is going to be 10 less
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than yesterday. northwest, easterly winds by 6:00, we may have a few flurries in the western suburbs. better chance for the snow moving in toward the midnight hour. more on that coming up. right now, here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> we're going to fly south on the gw parkway leaving the beltway past the scenic overlook and over to the key bridge this morning. traffic is still moving well. in my next report, we'll take a look at an accident in the district at 6:18. andrea, jessica? >> thank you, monika. democratic party leaders in the senate warn a repeal of their healthcare package could be dead on arrival and it still will be. >> that didn't stop house republicans. it is one of the stories making news at 6:12. led by the new republican majority, the house voted to repeal the measure 245 to 189. the g.o.p. will propose new changes to healthcare in the coming months. a public wake for sergeant shriver will take place friday afternoon. it will be at holy trinity catholic church in georgetown. a private funeral will be saturday. shriver is a founder of the
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peace corps, died tuesday. today marks the halfway point of president obama's first administration. it was two years ago he was sworn into office which means just two more years until the next inauguration. when a parent hears their child is being bullied, sometimes they feel at a loss. >> how do you help your child? how to confront the other child and the parents and even the school system? >> but now, there are antibullying services available to help parents and their children. school should be a place where kids go to learn and make new friends. but for this mom, it is a place where her son gets teased and bullied. >> they marked him from the beginning on the first day of kindergarten. >> the bullying is so bad, she doesn't want us to show her face, fearful it will just make things worse. >> i spoke with the bus driver. i've spoken with each teacher he's had. >> nothing worked. so, now she's turning to dr. joel haber, a psychologist who says parents can help their kids to become bully proof. >> parent calls in me
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desperation because their kid has been bullied. they don't know what to do and their kid doesn't want to go back to school. >> how a parent reacts can mean the difference between helping their child and making things worse. >> most parents feel that rush of adrenaline, that emotion. they want to take control of it themselves. >> dr. haber says big mistake. >> they cut off their kid from talking to them. >> he shows this mom how to talk to her son about the bullying and then role play ways to diffuse it. >> show me how you get picked and i'll try to show. >> way that won't work and a way that will work. >> for kids that use the cyberworld to bully, habers that advice. >> when parents bring technology into a home, set up parameters. >> number one rule, tell your kids cell phones and computers are a privilege and will be taken away if they're used for hurtful behavior. he also advises parents to google their child periodically and friend them on facebook to keep tabs on their online communication. save and print all evidence of
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cyberbullying and learn the language of the internet to monitor your kids' texts. >> there are studies that show long-term bullying can have long-lasting effects on children. they experience a drop in grades, isolation, mood swings and depression. the national crime prevention council says the problem is widespread. 43% of youngsters report being the victim of bullying. 14 children committed suicide last year after being bullied. it is horrible. and we've reported on this years and years and it just seems to be there. one of the things that's there. also there with us right now, here with us right now, howard bernstein with our weather first. >> it is going to be ok. got a little bit of snow tonight. it is not going to be a big storm. if are you a snow lover. it is going to disappoint you. the thing to look for, snow lovers would be maybe next week. we'll try to look and see what's going to happen by tuesday. that's your next best
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potential. the, no real problems. we've got partly cloudy skies. might still see some of the wolf moon. that rose last night. it was a great looking moon rise over the bay down there. she's at 32. most temperatures in the 30s this morning with a few spots in the upper 20s and our sunrise at 7:23. for the day, a little sun early. otherwise, the clouds will be increasing. we start in the 30s at 9:00. northwest winds at 8 to around 40 at midday. thicker clouds won't allow us to warm up. by 5:00, we're back down to 39. winds at 4 or 5 miles per hour. 33 from lou ann in annapolis. 28 in easton and cambridge. 32 for culpepper and the northern shenandoah valley, will up in martinsburg, 31 degrees this morning. as we said, the warm spot right here, 37. we've got mostly cloudy skies and a northwest wind at 9. wind chills running in the upper 20s to about 30 here in washington. look at the dew points in the
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20s. the air is still kind of dry. it will get a lot lower over the weekend as the cold arctic air moves in. it is in minneapolis, in bismarck, down to kansas city. chicago is 15. behind this next system, well, we're going to get some snowfall in the colder air. we see the snow this morning in kansas city over to st. louis. got a picture coming out of st. louis right now. a live shot for you. taking a look at some of the arcs in the snow. a little snow in st. louis. they're almost done here over the next couple of hours anyway. the heavier stuff about to pull out. we go back to the weather computer. you can see the heavier stuff into illinois crossing the river. still lighter snows out to the west. southern illinois coming up 44 from joplin and bran con dealing with the snow moving into southern indiana as well. and this system is moving toward us. we'll see the clouds today. some of the mountains of western maryland, western virginia may see some flurries or snow showers here midday as the first batch of moisture and snow heads up toward
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pennsylvania. but tonight, the snow moves in. more likely not until 11:00, 12:00. it will be in fast and out fast. look how quickly. this thing is out of here. and behind it, it is going to get cold once again. looking at maybe a trace to an inch in the gray areas with one to two. that's about all. one to two up north near i-70 and in some of the points. the next three days, we've got temperatures around 40. it will be cloudy. tomorrow, 34. windy. then just cold over the weekend. upper 20s both saturday and sunday. monday could be a little light snow developing and then tuesday, don't know yet if it will stay snow or switch over to rain. that's our next best potential for some more moderate snows. right now, 37. it is 6:18. here's monika. >> we won't show you the look i was giving howard about that. we'll just deal with today which looks pretty good. we're going to take you first of all to an accident on the southbound side of 295 at howard road. that's in the left lane in southeast. you've already got delays
6:19 am
beginning at bening road. let's take a look at the big picture. overall, things are not looking too bad. we'll zoom into 95 and show. >> couple of slow spots from the prince william parkway to route one. here at 7100 into springfield. all lanes are open right now on 95. back out to the maps, we'll zoom in this time to 66 on the inbound side and take a live look at route 50. not a bad ride overall on 66. a look at your travel times on the outer loop in maryland. 95 to 270, 10 minutes. 95 coming in from 216 to the beltway, 10 minutes. beltway, route 4 to the wilson bridge, a 9 minute ride. we'll update you on the accident in the district at 6:24. back to you guys. >> it is 6:19. still to come, the push for all day kindergarten for all of fairfax county. who wants it and who's against it? >> barefoot on the hardwood. learn why one local coach worked without shoes last
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charlie in fauquier county called in with a 27 under clear skies. there may be an ice lated slick spot out there. clouds will be increasing. noontime temps around 30. some light snow moves in tonight. but not really expecting much more than an inch or so. even that much here in washington. here is monika -- here's andrea and jessica. we'll get monika later. >> capitals norburg will not, available for tonight's game. >> he left with a lower body injury and no specifics yet on that injury. or how long he could be out. you can say this about the wizards. at least they're consistent on the road. they're now 0-20 outside the
6:24 am
district! milwaukee outscored d.c. by 11 in the third quarter. wizards lose 100-87. they host the suns tomorrow. the new jersey nets pulled out of trade talks with the nuggets carmelo anthony. a russian billionaire, the price and the drama were too high. anthony grew up in baltimore. an interesting side on the sidelines last night at american university. coach jeff hone went shoeless. he's involved with samaritan's feet. they collect shoes for children who need it. lumpkin scored 16 points with 9 boards. >> in fairfax last night, george mason hosted drexel. four of mason's five stars scored in double digits. they win 71-47. mason is a perfect 9-0 at home. it is 6:24. up next, fresh proof this morning that yes, you're wasting lots of your time in
6:25 am
traffic. >> a lot, a lot, a lot. >> later, it is national coffee break day. we'll see what you're saying about your java habit. >> right now, monika has a check on your roads. >> we'll talk about an accident right now, guys. southbound on 295 in anacostia at howard road. this one is blocking the left lane with delays beginning at bening road. we'll update you on this accident and other spots to avoid in my next report. you're watching 9news now.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> we're back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. here is a live look at downtown rockville, maryland. just 31 degrees there this morning. >> thank you for starting your thursday with us. i'm andrea roane. mike hydeck is off today. >> i'm jessica doyle. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with our forecast. he's got the gloves on this morning. >> temps here in the low to mid- 30s in northwest. looking out to the west, i could see the moon which is a couple of clouds out there. the wolf moon, the full wolf moon rose last night. we've got that going on this morning. for today, any sunshine we see will be early because the clouds will be moving in. temperatures not so bad. they will not be nearly as nice as yesterday but still around the 40 degree mark midday as the clouds thicken up for the drive home. a little bit of snow tonight.
6:30 am
not expecting much. maybe an inch or so. we'll start tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. just in case there are any delays and closings. we'll bring you the latest. tomorrow, we start at 4:00. 36 in washington. 30 degrees in the shenandoah valley. 28 across the bay. and temperatures are again near that freezing mark. the storm we're watching coming out of the midwest with some snows from illinois and missouri through indiana and kentucky, that stuff arrives tonight again about an inch or so. those details coming up in the next 10, 12 minutes or so. right now, monika samtani is inside with your thursday traffic. >> all right, howard. we'll start with the yellow light this time around because we have a couple of incidents to tell you about. we'll start off with an accident in the district. southbound 295, we'll go over to the maps right now. accident at howard road and it is causing delays back at bening road as you head south on 295 to the accident where you want to stay does the right to get by. now, we'll go to a live picture. a disabled vehicle on the beltway just out of the camera range on the inner loop in virginia at route one in alexandria. it is in the right lane.
6:31 am
be aware of that if you're heading to the inner loop at this point. now, let's head out to the maps. overall, things are looking fine. we'll zoom in and take a live look at new york avenue slowing now from the time slant to bladensburg road. now, a look at your travel times if you're commuting by train, metro, vre and marc are all running on time. in my next report, we'll update on the accident at 6:46. back to you, jessica. >> new this morning, scientific proof that our traffic congestion really is some of the worst in the nation. >> the texas transportation institute is out with its annual mobility report and we are number one. that's not in a good way. >> when it comes to time wasted sitting in traffic, we're tied with chicago for the top spot. get this, 70 miles per hour a year among large cities. los angeles ranks third.
6:32 am
back to 1989, 53 hours. in 1986, just 20 hours a year. the report says more about our traffic -- more of our bad traffic sitting in all of the congestion, the average driver wastes 57 gallons of gas every year. that's the worst in the country. we rank second among commuter stress. l.a. is first. some traffic may be tied up downtown today. there will be a big motorcade carrying china's president to a business luncheon. hu jintao was the guest of honor at a state dinner last night. in president obama's toast, he focused on the ties between our two countries. >> let's also never forget that throughout our history, our people have worked together for mutual progress. we've traded together for more than 200 years. we stood together in the second world world war. chinese immigrants and chinese americans have helped to build
6:33 am
america including many who join us here tonight. >> how about 200 people -- about 200 people attended the state dinner. two symbols will be stick around longer. the pandas at the national zoo. surae chinn is live outside the zoo where there will be a formal ceremony later this morning. surae, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the festivities do get underway around 10:00 this morning here at the national zoo. mei xiang and tian tian have been living here for the last ten years. and they're going to be staying here for five more. that's right. the deal that will be signed today is a $2.5 million extension to replace the ten- year agreement and that expired last month. as we know, the pandas symbolize much more than bringing people to the zoo and research. it is an international diplomacy maneuver between the two countries and it has been a 38 long year love affair here at the national zoo.
6:34 am
shooter time line. in 1972, the first panda couple arrived in america. ling ling and hsing hsing. this happened after president nixon's historic visit to china. the pair produced five cubs but it was a huge disappointment because none of them survived. in 2000, the zoo received the second and current pair, mei xiang and tian tian. and in 2005, tai shan was born. in 2010, last year, tai shan, who gained rock star status, of course, was sent unfortunately back to china and this was all under a loan agreement. again, the signing will happen here at the zoo just about 10:00 this morning and you might be wondering ok, so, we get two pandas. what did china get? they got these critters. two musk oxen. apparently china loves them. so, maybe an even trade here but we, of course, love our two pandas. we would love more, of course.
6:35 am
andrea? >> all right, surae chinn reporting live in front of the national zoo. the chinese media are covering hu jintao's visit to washington. watch what happened to the cnn feed in china when a sensitive topic came up. >> they have discussed the issue of china's human rights record but has that been noted back home in china? >> human rights issue remains a very sense at this topic here in china. >> that was it. the satellite feed came back on when that interview was over. jess? >> it can be a shock to parents who move to fairfax county for its school system. some schools do not have full day kindergarten. silver brook elementary is one of the so-called forgotten 37. 37 elementary schools in fairfax county do not have full- day kindergarten. 139 other schools in the county do have it. some parents say that's just
6:36 am
not fair. >> there is a huge sentiment that it is not equitable that, some 5-year-olds enjoy it and some 5-year-olds don't. so, yes, i think that it is time for this equity to happen. >> fairfax county school officials say they want to have full-day kindergarten in every elementary school but the county just doesn't have the money. we want to know what you think about this. leave your comments at it is place metro d.c. area moms connect. the only free-standing planetarium in the region is facing closure. the group trying to save it now says it has raised $255,000 but captain david m. brown of the planetarium in arlington says $400,000 is needed in upgrades and the money isn't comfrom the county government. people wanting to save the planetarium say it is a priceless learning tool for students. >> this augustments the education they can get in the
6:37 am
film classroom. it is also fun. how many things are there these days that make science fun? >> supporters have until july 31st to raise the rest of the money they need. >> 6:37. time for another your money report. one of the most popular radio stations in our region is being sold. wtop's owner bonneville international announced the sale wednesday. minnesota-based hubbard broadcasting with pick up 17 stations for half a billion dollars. locally that, will include wfed. no format changes are expected for now. want to get away? it is going to cost you. southwest airlines is the latest carrier to raise fares. for trips of 500 miles or less, you'll pay another $2. 500 to 1500, another $3. more than 1500 miles, $5 extra bucks. the airlines blame the raze rising cost of oil. >> some tech experts are already calling nintendo's new
6:38 am
hand-held system a game changer. the 3ds will play 3d games but you don't need the glasses. it will play old ds games as well and retail for $250 and it goes on sale on march 27th. every business these days is looking for new ways to make money with what they have. >> absolutely. that includes funeral homes. they're now hosting -- get this, weddings. 10% of funeral homes in america now offer other services like weddings, meeting space and seminars. that includes the lattimore funeral home in lanam, maryland. >> i think they should be about life celebration. don't just think of us as the people who deal with the dead. we deal with life. >> lattimore adds one of the biggest pluses to having a wedding reception at a final home, it could save you thousands of dollars.
6:39 am
huh. ok. >> maybe they could rearrange the furniture a little bit. >> it is almost 6:39. we have 37 degrees here in northwest washington. >> clouds are moving in though today and we'll have a high around 40. up next, howard tells us about the winter weather moving in tonight. >> here is a live look at the roads. 66 and route 123, heavy delays on eastbound 66 right now. monika's next timesaver traffic report is 7 minutes away. >> here is a look at what you'll see tonight on channel 9...
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coming up on 6:44, howard is here with our forecast. an interesting night could develop into an interesting
6:44 am
morning. >> yeah, for a couple of spots. >> there you go. >> there could be a couple of slick spots tomorrow morning. an inch of snow. that's going to lead right into the morning rush hour. that's the problem. not the amount of snow but the timing of the snow because we're just not going to see that much. it is all about timing. here is your bus stop forecast. before i run out of time. we've got temperatures this morning which are generally in the 30s. we've seen a few areas drop into the upper 20s. clouds are really going to thicken up in the next few areas. by the middle of the day and the afternoon, we'll see a lot more in the way of cloud cover. tomorrow morning by the way, we're expecting a little bit of snow and the timing of the event, we're going to start 9news now at 4:00 a.m. for delays and closings. 37 at 9:00. 40ish by noon. we stay around the 40 degree
6:45 am
mark. 37 degrees. we've got 20s well to the north and west of pennsylvania, ohio, cleveland is down to 19. near 40 in norfolk. new york is 31. providence, 29. here in washington, we've got mid-30s in town. but manassas, clear and calm. 23 degrees. they've gotten cold. upper 20s from gaithersburg, ladensville and to our east. andrews just above freezing right now. 33. national at 36. with a dew point at 23. so, the humidity at 60%. the wind chill this morning at national, 29. but we do have areas again where the winds are light to calm and that is good because you don't want a lot of wind when you have temps in the 20s. next system tonight, it is right here. behind it, there is a lot of very cold air. that's coming for the weekend. you see some of the snows across missouri into illinois and there have been some six inch plus totals throughout. for us though, the moisture is not going to be there. it is going to be lost over the mountains. and it is just not the greatest snowmaker for us. again because of the clipper
6:46 am
system. they move fast. they don't have a lot of moisture to work with. by 5:00, mostly cloudy skies. some snow in western maryland, western pa, ohio, virginia. the first half of the night, the snow gets into west virginia and western maryland. starts to pick up. we're still waiting for it for the most part at 11:00. rain and snow showers could develop out ahead of it. during the overnight hours, say toward 3:30, some snow will have pushed through. it is already starting to clear back toward the blue ridge. some rain showers potentially down in southern maryland. by 6:00 a.m., it is all east of us. it is over by daybreak tomorrow. with maybe a trace to an inch here in the gray area in town and talking one to two at most. up north toward i-70 and the pennsylvania border. 40 degrees today. 34 tomorrow. the winds are going to kick out of the northwest and bring in the cold air for saturday and sunday. we stay in the 20s. then late monday, tuesday, another chance for something. this one looks a little bigger. this could be a mix or more
6:47 am
snow. monika samtani, over to you. >> thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. we'll start off with the yellow light and live look from sky 9 at an accident in virginia. this one is the inner loop of the beltway after route 123 as you can see on the left shoulder. with authorities on the scene. watch yourself as you head northbound 495 toward the tysons area. once you're beyond this, you will be ok. now, let's take a live look at 66 on the inbound side. this one is at route 29 just out of the camera range. it is sitting in the right lane. be aware of that. it is going to be slow coming in from route 50. let's head over to the district. also in trouble on southbound 295, basically coming down from route 50, there are two separate accidents reported. one at pennsylvania avenue. another one at howard road. be aware of that as well. here is a look at your travel times, southbound 95, 216 to the beltway is 9 minutes. toll road, 674 to the beltway is 7 minutes. beltway from 395 to the toll
6:48 am
road, a 20 minute ride. coming up, we'll update you on the accidents at 6:58. >> coming up on 6:48, we're going to the top of the charts. travel and losure magazine is -- travel and leisure magazine is out with the rudest cities of in america. no surprise, new york is number one. los angeles is second. however, we're number five. how rude! >> how dare they. >> baltimore came in seventh. >> we told you in the 5:00 hour, today is national coffee break day. put on by who else, the national coffee association of the u.s. >> it is their 100th anniversary and they'll be giving out free mugs today at mischa's coffeehouse in alexandria. >> we've been asking our facebook friends about their coffee habits this morning. you guys, you might want to lay off the coffee because we got response at 2:00 in the morning. >> teresa says i drink about a pot if not more a day. and i drink coffee late, too like right now she posted that
6:49 am
at 2:15 this morning. tamara says one large cup every morning monday through friday from 7-eleven. when i want to treat myself, a grande mocha from starbucks. >> brian wrote the coffeepot gets turned on at 8:00 a.m. and i finish my third pot by lunchtime. i like coffee and only if it is black and blistering hot. >> i like how julie thinks. she says i love coffee so much, it is one of the many reasons i prefer going to the big island of hawaii for vacation. free kona coffee tastings at the various coffee farms. while others are bringing back tacky t-shirts and leis, i'm hauling back loads of 100% kona dark roast coffee to d.c. >> wow! >> good deal. >> leave your comments at thanks for writing us. those of who you got up early this morning. it is 6:49. up next, a check on the news before you go. >> we have 37 degrees here in northwest washington. howard says we're going to hit
6:50 am
a high of 40 today. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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[ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it. welcome back. 6:53. we have 36 here in town. some areas have fallen into the upper 20s with partly cloudy skies. not going to be as mild as yesterday but still a decent day with thickening clouds. 40ish for the high. little light snow tonight. seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. jess, over to you. >> thank you, howard. it is thursday, january 20th. here is a check on the news before you go. house republicans say they will begin unveiling their own healthcare plan. yesterday, they voted to repeal president obama's healthcare law. the move will likely die in the senate. one firefighter was killed and two people were critically hurt after a fire in baltimore county. 43-year-old mark falconham was the volunteer firefighter who worked for the secret service. the cause of the fire is under
6:54 am
investigation. panda diplomacy will go on here at the national zoo. the chinese government is letting mei xiang and tian tian stay here for five more years. they arrived back in 2000. "the early show" begins in just six minutes. >> right now, chris wragge tells us what's coming up. >> coming up on "the early show," another winter storm is battering our nation's midsection with heavy snow and ice and it is now heading east. we're tracking the storm for you and we'll have the very latest. plus, president obama welcomes china's president to the white house and urges his country's cooperation. we'll take a look inside last night's lavish state dinner and what the two world leaders accomplished and what still lies ahead. and a dramatic highway rescue some are calling a miracle. you'll meet the lucky survivor trapped under a tractor trailer for two hours in an exclusive live interview. see you in a couple of minutes. jessica, andrea? >> thank you, chris. it is 6:54. >> monika will update you the on the accident on the inner
6:55 am
loop of i-33 when we come back.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. clouds increase today. we'll be around 40 for a high. tonight, some light snow only expecting about an inch or so here in washington. lower amounts south. perhaps an inch or two up toward i-70 and the pennsylvania border. tomorrow, you'll wake up. snow will be over. 34. saturday and sunday, very cold. maybe more snow monday night, tuesday. >> we'll take a look live from sky 9 at an accident on the inner loop after route 123 although it is on the left
6:59 am
shoulder, delays at 395, 20 minutes to get to this point. let's take a look at the district. southbound 295 is in trouble from route 50. two separate accidents. and over to 270, it is crawling from father hurley boulevard down to rockville. jessica? >> finally this morning, we're not sure whether to call this insanity or dedication. check this out. this is a new york man who swims every day no matter the weather. >> but his name says he can carry him through. his name is gary. he runs along the pier. then he takes a swim regardless of sleet, snow, ice or freezing temperatures. atlas says it recharges his batteries. he has a swim. >> he's in pretty good shape. >> maybe that's good for you. >> great. >> "the early show" is next. they'll have the latest on the chinese president's visit to washington plus how to convince your boss to give you added benefits in exchange for not getting a raise. >> our next news is at noon. >> it is all at >> no matter


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